Through decades of experience, HP Design & Build has grown to become one of the foremost choices for constructional services. Founded under the envision of Freddy, the owner, who is known for his exceptional design skills; today HP Design & Build has found itself a sturdy footing in the Virginia, built on honesty and integrity. It’s no wonder that investors and future home owners seek Freddy. Through our 18-year run in building and remodeling residential spaces, if there’s one thing that his consistently managed to do, it is to put our customers’ needs at the forefront and complete projects that match up to their expectations through our quality and expertise. This has helped us gain the trust of many loyal customers and expand our enterprise. Today, we operate in Fairfax, Arlington, McLean, Falls Church and Springfield, steadily growing our business and our customer base.

built on honesty and integrity

family values

As a family owned business, we’ve made the dreams of many families come true by having their homes built from the ground up. We can assist you whether you’re looking to build a home to sell or a home to live in. Beautiful kitchens, elegant patios, classy and modern living spaces are all the doing of our professionals. We incorporate creative designs to create unique homes. Working with Designs by Alejandra who offers innovative solutions that meet both practical and aesthetic requirements.

Custom Homes are quite the investment and we make sure that your investments are worthwhile. Today, investors seek HP Design & Build not only because of its reputation but because our team makes it easy to partner with. Whether you collaborate with us as a customer or an investor, we’re focused on winning together.

quality and value